As the head chef here at Noble Roman’s Pizza, I have a lot to say about pizza.  First off, I think a perfect world would have everyone eating pizza every day.  Pizza, pizza, pizza – why eat anything else?  Pizza tastes great – or at least it should if the person making the pizza takes enough care to make it right with top notch ingredients (and we do!) – and there are endless topping combinations, so pizza never gets boring.  Yes, in the world as I would have it, there would be pizza for breakfast, pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner.  Pizza for that late-night snack, too!

In my view, the only acceptable pizza substitute might be a good sub.  Not the get-it-on-every-corner sub where you happen to get a little meat and cheese with your mouthful of bread, but mouth-watering, whole-muscle meats and fresh veggies that happen to be blanketed with delicious, fresh bread – that kind of sub.  Yes, I might possibly allow a good sub to sub for pizza!

Now when we at Noble Roman’s think about pizza, which we tend to do all day every day, we not only think about making pizza good, we think about making pizza a convenience.  That’s why we make our delicious pizza available in convenience stores – convenience stores are convenient.  Good convenience store owners take care of their customers and serve delicious Noble Roman’s pizza as a convenience to you.  We make our pizza available in bowling centers, too, because everyone wants to eat pizza when they bowl.  And not just when you are bowling, but when you are working, hanging out at college, travelling through the airport, going to the zoo, visiting a friend at the hospital, enjoying a day at the amusement park - - well, you get the idea, we try to make our pizza available wherever you happen to be.  Great pizza, conveniently – that’s Noble Roman’s Pizza!

Take-N-Bake pizza, now there is another great invention. It’s convenient, too – that’s why the best grocers in the business offer Noble Roman’s Take-N-Bake Pizza in their deli departments.  Just buy the pizza at the deli when you’re shopping your local grocery and slip it in the oven after you get home and you’re good and ready to eat pizza.  You’re in control! That’s pizza convenience!!  Same great pizzeria pizza with bake-it-when-you-want-it convenience.  Noble Roman’s Take-N-Bake Pizza is a kid’s favorite, too – what a convenience to have a delicious Noble Roman’s Pizza just waiting in your refrigerator for that evening when you need a quick, fun meal they’ll love!  Yes, Noble Roman’s Take-N-Bake Pizza will make your grocery deli your newest, favorite spot for delicious pizza convenience.

One final but important thought.  There is another great thing we love about pizza here at Noble Roman’s Pizza – you get to share!  Just think about it.  How many other foods are as great of a convenience as pizza, delicious and something that is shared together the way pizza is?  Nothing.  Zip.  (And you eat pizza with your fingers, too!  What kind of awesome convenience is that?!)

At Noble Roman’s, our passion isn’t just good pizza done with convenience – it’s you and everyone else having fun and sharing a good time!  We’re Noble Roman’s – the Better Pizza People! 

(The opinions expressed in this blog are purely that of Chef Pizza Monster in his capacity as private citizen and NOT necessarily that of the management and staff of Noble Roman’s, Inc.)